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Grub Street: The Best NYC Restaurants for Groups

February 9, 2016

Grub Street

Toro (Chelsea)
Group Options: A family-style tapas menu for the chef’s table. The chef’s table starts at $85 per guest, plus tax and tip. Beverage packages are available as well. A large private space is available and required for groups over 16.
While some of the city’s finer tapas restaurants are the size of sardine cans, Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette’s restaurant is gargantuan. The huge space makes it easier for groups to get in, and there’s a private space for those interested, but parties of 8 to 16 can reserve the chef’s table, which enjoys a secluded perch near the kitchen, where guests can order any paellas and the dry-aged rib-eye in addition to the set menu. Batch cocktails are also available.”

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NY MAGAZINE REVIEW: Toro Breathes New Life Into an Old Dining Trend

December 16, 2013
There are plenty of chefs who establish their reputations as ambitious young cooks in New York (e.g., Mario Batali, David Chang, Michael White, Tom Colicchio, April Bloomfield) and then go out into the greater world to build their international empires and prosper. But the days when the city was the exclusive kingmaker of aspiring cooks from around the globe are long gone. The late, lamented Charlie Trotter proved that you don’t ever have to set foot east of the Hudson to secure a lasting, even international, reputation in today’s Balkanized, locally grown fine-dining landscape. If you’re brave enough to try your luck in the big city, chances are you already have a successful business model in your pocket (Thomas Keller, Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker) and a James Beard Award or two on your wall. Like Vegas in its peak, New York is now a place where out-of-town chefs can monetize their gains, and if it doesn’t work out, they can always fold their tents and go back home.