TimeOut: Valentine’s Day dishes for two

February 10, 2015

Paella valenciana at Toro
“Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette’s meant-to-share plate—a bold, Sofregit-seasoned pan of calasparrarice, zesty chorizo, delicate mussels and chicken—is sautéed with saffron and garlic before soaking in lobster stock. The spread is sizable even for a twosome, but it’s too delicioso for there to be any leftovers.”

paella valenciana

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Grub Street | The Not-So-New Guy: Chef Jamie Bissonnette’s Big Year in New York

September 30, 2014


The James Beard prize is just one highlight of a very busy year for Bissonnette: This month, he published The New Charcuterie Cookbookand, along with his business partner Ken Oringer, celebrated the first anniversary of Toro’s New York location. The opening of the restaurant arguably kicked off this most recent run of achievements — but even though it’s been a bona-fide success and received a string of warmreviews, its success was hardly guaranteed. “I had plenty of chef friends who said, ‘You started in a hole: You’re opening a huge restaurant, and people always assume that huge restaurants are going to be crap,'” Bissonnette recounts. “New Yorkers don’t like out-of-towners. They assume that they can’t keep up, or they’ll open a place and mail it in.”


Supper : Kickin’ it with Toro NYC

August 5, 2014

There’s a reason why the chefs at New York City Spanish tapas restaurant Toro, Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer, were awarded the prestigious James Beard award for Best Chefs in the Northeast. Applying tradition & modernity to Barcelona-style Tapas  and serving it to an array of sounds from New York native artists results in rich flavors for your taste buds & eardrums.


Village Voice: Why the Margarita Is, Per Toro’s Caitlin Doonan, the Perfect Call Drink

June 18, 2014

margBeing at Toro, traveling to Spain recently, and really diving into trying different gins and tonics has been a fun journey. In America, we have yet to truly embrace this drink in the same way as the Spanish do — and I hope that when our guests come to Toro, they can get a feel for that culture with the several odes to the gintonic that are on our menu. Gin gets a bad reputation, as does Tequila because everyone seems to have a bad drunk story involving (usually low quality) expressions of these spirits, but I have a soft spot for championing the underdog, so my cabinet at home is well stocked with both.


Civilian : Toro, New York

June 18, 2014

It’s a long time since the area around Chelsea Markets and the old Meatpacking District was “cool” in an edgy, as opposed to Standard-ised, way. The New York outpost of Ken Oringer and Jamie Bisonnette’s tapas-style restaurant Toro, launched in 2013 after eight successful years in Boston, clings slightly – fondly, one feels – to the locale’s former industrial blankness; access is via a short exterior staircase like a truncated fire escape, on whose side the restaurant’s name is spelled out in lengths of gaffer tape. Inside, you heave aside a heavy curtain and look on to a wedge-shaped space so filled with noise you can almost see it. Somewhere beneath all the chatter and hubbub, there is (frankly unnecessary) mood music: the all-too-familiar looped whoop of “Jump Around”, a song that is now 22 years old; the House of Pain in question is probably an arthritis treatment centre.